Praise Report: Healed of Neck Pain and Discomfort

Pastor Prince, I first started watching your broadcast in 2007. After suffering multiple heart-wrenching disappointments, I was able to fall in love with Jesus all over again, thanks largely to your preaching of the true gospel.

Recently, my employer changed the equipment we use at work. This resulted in me having such incredible neck pain that I was taking large doses of painkillers just to get through my shifts. I even told my employer that I might have to quit work. Additionally, I had not been having the full range of motion in my neck for over fifteen years.

But thanks be to God, I heard you say in a television broadcast, “God is healing necks,” and I was instantly healed!

I am now pain-free and able to work. I can also drive and back my car up safely without running into the trees around my driveway because I can now turn my head to see where I am going.

Truly, the anointed word does not return to the Lord void. I praise and thank our Father and the majesty of Jesus for your ministry and all who support you. Thank you, Pastor Prince!

Reva Williams | Kentucky, United States


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