Praise Report: Freedom From A Life Of Depression

I am 24 years old and have been a born again Christian for 20 years. I have been in church my whole life.

When I went to college, I began to have a losing battle with depression. I was diagnosed by my family doctor and was treated with medication and therapy. The medication only gave me temporary relief and I would have to constantly increase the dosages. This caused me to gain weight and still left feeling miserable. I fought this losing battle for 7 years.

In those 7 years, I graduated from college, got married and started my career. All this while, I was completely miserable and terrified as anyone who has suffered from depression can definitely understand.

People would tell me you have to love God more but this never made any sense to me and was impossible for me to accomplish, like every other struggle in my life. I couldn’t even get up in the morning because I was so tormented in my mind.

Then my mom gave me your book “Destined to Reign”. After reading this book and accepting God’s love for me and trusting Him and in His finished work, I was totally and miraculously healed.

After reading the book I would just say, “God, I am not even going to try today, I know that I cannot overcome this on my own, I rest in you, you live the victorious life for me. I know I cannot overcome these thoughts on my own but I can rest in you.”

I now live a life of joy and peace that I never imagined was possible for me. I am so in love with my Savior and now it all makes sense. He first loved me and healed me and now I have the ability to love.

Just like it says in the word that knowing the truth will set you free! I thank Jesus for your understanding of the gospel daily, Jesus saved my life but Joseph Prince was definitely the messenger that brought the good news to me and my family. Thank you for what you do!
The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Virginia, US



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