Praise Report: Knowing You Are The Beloved Brings Restoration

I have been a Christian nearly 2 years and I praise the Lord with all my heart as he saved me from a state of total brokenness. When I looked back over the past year, there is such a transformation! No way could I have done it on my own but only by the Lord’s hand on me, safely guiding me which has made it all possible. He is growing me day by day into all He has designed for me to be – a good work in progress! I no longer feel alone, worthless or abandoned.

In December 2009, the Lord placed the book Destined To Reign in my hands and since then I can’t believe how joyful and filled I am.  I am free of addiction from cigarettes and sleeping tablets for over 12 months now.

From a point where my husband had once said, “It will never be.” for our marriage. But we realized that with God, nothing is impossible! The good news is that we will be renewing our wedding vows on 25 April 2010.

My past hurts, insecurities and failures that had previously held me back have been replaced with the truth of who I am in Christ – that I am a beloved child of the one true God and I can never be taken out of His hand. Now, I put all my trust in the only real security there is in life, JESUS! As I walk through life with the one who created me, I will make mistakes but I know now that I am not a mistake.

Thank you Joseph Prince for writing this book! I thank Jesus for all the love and peace and the miracle and blessings he gives to us each and every moment of every day.

Megan Moore | New Zealand

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