Praise Report: Freed From Condemnation, Blessed With Marriage

For five years, I was involved in a relationship that I knew was wrong and I was so burdened by guilt that I eventually ended the relationship. But the feelings of guilt and condemnation continued to hang over me, and I didn’t know how God could forgive me.

The following week, I visited New Creation Church with a friend. I heard Pastor Prince teach that all our sins have been forgiven — past, present, and future. This was such a revelation! Christ’s death on the cross was a finished work. When I heard that, I felt the burden of guilt and condemnation lift.

But more importantly, I also felt God’s love for me once again.

I began to pray every day. I also started reading devotions and partook of the Holy Communion regularly. In time, I began to understand how the grace of God helps us to lead a godly life without us having to put in a lot of effort.

Thereafter, I saw how the Lord pours favor into my life. I began a serious relationship with the friend whom I had visited New Creation Church with.

As both of us were already getting on in years, we prayed and talked about settling down. But we had challenges. I did not have much savings and she had a list of her own commitments.

But God showed me favor in my work and I received good appraisals. I was even selected to attend upgrading courses.

God answered our prayers and we finally got married a few months later. With the little money we had, God multiplied our loaves and fishes. Till today, I still do not understand the mathematics of heaven. We always have enough to pay our bills. We are expecting our child this year too.

By being obedient and believing right, God is now a friend and no more a discipline master out to catch me doing wrong. What I have given up, God has certainly restored 120 per cent!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Singapore

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