Praise Report: Found Remedy for Specific Allergy after Receiving Holy Communion

During my final year in university, I moved into an apartment and began having allergic reactions. My nose would get completely blocked and I would struggle to breathe. I didn’t know what was causing it and medication only gave temporary relief. When I constantly tried to find information on the Internet, I only became more fearful.

I decided to trust God and partake of the Holy Communion every day. After three days, I felt led to find a solution on the Internet. This time, I clicked on a particular link that brought me to a website explaining how my allergy was being caused by a type of bug in my surroundings. It also showed me how to get rid of the bugs.

I’ve since managed to fix the problem and my allergic reactions have stopped! My nasal passages are no longer blocked and I can breathe normally now. Praise Jesus! If not for the Holy Spirit’s leading, I would have continued to spend money on medicines that do not really work.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings on the Holy Communion. They have really blessed me.

Anonymous | Ghana

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