Praise Report: Mom Healed of Serious Infection, Family Vacation Restored

Last year in August, my family and I were scheduled to go on a summer vacation. We had booked our air tickets and were looking for accommodations. The arrangements were not coming along smoothly but we were at peace knowing that God would take care of us.

As our vacation date drew near, we were still unable to find good accommodation deals. At the same time, my mother fell sick. As the weeks went on, she did not get better. She also had a cut on her foot that resulted in redness and swelling.

We prayed, partook of the Holy Communion together, and believed she was healed by Jesus’ stripes. We also believed she didn’t need to earn her healing and that she had already received it through Jesus’ finished work at the cross.

Her condition did not improve and it worsened a few days before the vacation. She began to have chills and my father brought her to the hospital. The doctors found that my mother had an infection and put her on intravenous antibiotics.

We partook of the Holy Communion with her again in the hospital. I also brought her Pastor Prince’s sermons on healing to listen to.

Her condition improved and the doctors expected her to recover with the antibiotics. However, we had to cancel our trip and everyone was disappointed. Thankfully, we had not paid for any accommodation and received a full refund on our flight.

My mother was discharged from the hospital after three days. We still had the following week off as we had no other plans. Then my brother had an inspiration for another location we could travel to. Immediately, we found flights that were far less expensive than the one we had previously booked. When we called the airline to make arrangements, we were told it was very unusual for tickets to be sold at these rates, especially when they were so close to the departure date!

This time, our hotel reservation flowed with God’s grace too. We found a wonderful hotel at a great rate in less than five minutes of searching! With all these arrangements in place, we just needed our mother to be well enough to come along with us.

My mother was discharged after three days in hospital. We prayed for the blood of Jesus to cover her pills because she usually gets side effects when taking antibiotics. Praise Jesus! She did not experience any this time. She also recovered well and very quickly. Five days after her discharge, she was taken off antibiotics and was fully cleared by the doctor to travel and even swim at the beach.

We had one of our best vacations. We enjoyed perfect weather and many instances of God’s perfect timing. God truly protects and provides for His beloved children in Christ! He restored much more than what the enemy had robbed us of. We’re very thankful and we give all the glory to Jesus and His grace!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace and finished work of Jesus Christ. It has blessed me, my family, and many people around us. We’ve experienced many miracles and healings.

Best of all, we’re assured that God is always faithful, even when there are no solutions in sight. God is faithful and He will take care of us!

Anonymous | New York, United States


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