Praise Report: No Longer Feeling Suicidal, Depressed, or Condemned

I was an alcoholic from a very early age. While drunk one night, I felt the presence of the Lord and fell on my knees and repented in prayer. I rose up from that prayer a changed man and have not drunk alcohol since.However, for the next twelve years, I couldn’t accept the fact that I had been forgiven of all my sins. Satan convinced me in my mind that I was doomed for hell so I might as well give up. This drove me crazy to the point of suicide and I even had to be admitted to a hospital.

While flipping through the television channels one day, I came across Pastor Prince. He was preaching and he shared how he had tried to keep all of God’s laws and suffered condemnation as a result. What he described was how I had been feeling!

I watched that message several times that day, and meditated on God’s grace and truths as I went to bed. I woke up the next morning without any depression or sense of feeling condemned, and I’ve remained free for over two and a half years now. I owe my life to the gospel of grace.

Since my breakthrough, I’ve been watching Pastor Prince’s sermons online daily and reading his Daily Grace Inspiration devotionals. I’ve also been reading praise reports about God’s grace in other people’s lives. These have led me to write a book about my turnaround. I pray it will help others like how Pastor Prince’s sermons have helped me.

Bruce Wilson | Missouri, United States

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