Praise Report: Delivered From Addictions, No More Jobless And Homeless

I am fifty years old and married to my third wife. Without going into details, it is safe to say that I was not a good man.

I was plagued by many addictions such as sexual deviations, adultery, and alcohol abuse. My parents, who have passed away, were never married. Most of my life was spent in the church. I tried to please God through fasting, paying tithes and offering, and attending almost every church meeting. However, I was always guilt-ridden about my sins and having been divorced and remarried made that feeling worse. In fact, messages from the pulpit reminded me constantly about my sins—that people like me will have to answer to God one day.

I often struggled with myself and felt that perhaps I was cursed.

I thought that God was visiting me with all sorts of punishments, including keeping me in financial bondage. To cut a long story short, I lost all interest in going to church and blamed God for my situation. Years passed until I eventually found myself living in a room the size of a toilet and without a job. I cannot describe how utterly helpless I felt, crying out for help during the night while lying next to my third wife.

One morning, I decided that I had had enough of this life and my way of living. I decided to wrestle one more time with God by fasting until He answered. Three weeks into my wrestle with God, something amazing happened. I had a dream in which I was visited by a man who showed me how much God loves me and how He will restore me. Immediately after this dream, my wife got a job. We then moved to a new home and we were able to purchase a few things that included a television and access to some international channels such as Trinity Broadcasting Network.

I heard many sermons by many preachers but they all made me feel what I felt for most of my forty-eight years of my life—condemnation, guilt, and a sense that I will never be able to please God. But I was searching for peace and the certainty that God loves me and does not hate me.

Then one night while watching movies, I scrolled through the channels and there for the first time in my life, I heard that I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Pastor Prince, your teachings have changed my life completely. I have been listening to you now for just over two years and I’ve read a few of your books. Since confessing that I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, peace and certainty about God’s love for me have flooded my heart. I’m now beginning to understand what Jesus did for me at the cross of Calvary.

We now have a big three-bedroom house and I am the regional human resource manager for the company I work for. I record all your messages and play them regularly. Keep preaching what you’re preaching because it has set me free of my addictions. God bless you and your ministry.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | South Africa

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