Praise Report: Prolonged Pain And Discomforts Gone After Watching Sermon

I began to experience a female related medical problem sometime in August 2012. My doctor was unable to establish the cause or the remedy. Medication was prescribed to me but they were of no effect.

By January 2013, my condition worsened. That prompted my doctor to refer me to various specialists, including one at the University of California, Los Angeles. Again, my condition did not improve.

Prior to this, I had been attending church regularly since 1975. However, when my condition worsened, I was forced to miss church for several weeks. On Easter Sunday last year, I forced myself to go to church, but ended up in a lot of pain after that.

I went back to my doctor the following Monday to beg for a hysterectomy to relieve me of the pain and discomfort but my request was denied. According to my doctor, the procedure would not help me.

On April 3, I was alone at home while my husband attended a church service that evening. As I sat at my chair, with much pain and discomfort, I turned on the television and came across your service. You were preaching the message titled, Freedom From Condemnation Leads To Divine Health.

I remember listening intently, but I don’t remember what was going on in my mind nor what I’d prayed. When you finished praying at the end, I suddenly realized that God had touched me with His miraculous, divine healing. My pain and discomfort were ALL gone!

When my husband came home that night, he could not believe what he saw. Instead of a sickly woman, I was up and about, rejoicing and praising God that I was healed!

To God be the glory!

Bea Araujo | California, US

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