Praise Report: Damaged Heart Healed During Worship

I am now seventy years old and have walked with the Lord for over forty years as a Spirit-filled Christian. However, about two to three years ago, I felt that some of the things we have learned were simply off course. My wife and I began praying and asking God to show us what we were missing.

First, God brought a friend who gave us a book written by a grace preacher. That caused us to ask deeper questions about our own inner man, our own faith, and who we are in Christ.

Subsequently, God brought us to Joseph Prince’s programs on television. His sharing has brought so much revelation about the grace of God and answers to questions that we have been asking for forty years.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I had a heart attack and died in the hospital, but was later revived by the doctors. Following that, I was flown to heart specialists in Cheyenne, operated on, and placed on medications. Even when I was recuperating in the hospital, I did all I could to minister to those who came to see me about the grace of God and His plan for my life. I knew I was not yet done with His plan for me.

About three weeks after the heart attack, I went to church. As I was worshiping God during the service, I felt the healing power of God flow out from my very own fingers into my heart. I knew without a doubt that I was being healed. I was most conscious that His healing came in a time of deepest worship and appreciation for the life He gave back to me—a dead man who was brought back to life!

When I returned to the doctors for a checkup sometime later, they were stunned to see that the Ejection Fraction (EF) of my heart has increased from twenty-three percent to fifty-eight percent. That means the EF of my heart is now in the normal range! Doctors could offer no explanation but I could.

Since then, we have been immersing in the grace message through Pastor Prince’s ministry seven days a week. God has answered the question we began asking three years ago. It is only by His grace that we have been saved and we now have greater clarity of His plan for us, knowing that our future will be shaped by His grace working in us.

Pastor Prince, thank you for your giving of the gift that God has placed in you so that we can make greater use of the gifts that He has placed in us. God bless you!

Gayle B. Tate | Wyoming, United States


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  • Zoleka says:

    I am greatly encouraged as I am trusting God for exam fees, due date has passed already but by God’s grace I know he will provide for me, not because I deserve it but because he is good and merciful and he loves me dearly and wants nothing but the best for me.

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