Praise Report: Protected From Harm Caused By Strong Winds

On July 8, my wife and I decided to visit a waterfall in Piha, Auckland, New Zealand. In order to get to the waterfall, we needed to hike uphill for about thirty minutes. Midway through the trek, I could hear the trees swaying and rustling loudly. The wind was getting strong. Fearing that the weather was taking a turn for the worse, I uttered a simple prayer, “Lord, I plead the blood of Christ on my wife and me, that we be protected wherever we go.”

Soon, the strong wind was gone, and the rustling of the trees could no longer be heard. We reached the waterfall without incident and were able to take in the sights.

When we were done and had reached our car, it began to rain heavily. That night, the news reported that strong winds of 120km/h to 160km/h had lashed the area where we were, causing widespread damage.
I believe that the Lord’s supernatural protection was upon us that day and He held back the wind and rain for us till we had reached our car. We are truly His beloved and protected! Thank God for the message of grace we hear in New Creation Church each week!

Andrew Ong | Singapore

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