Praise Report: Career And Emotions Restored By Father’s Love

Two years ago, I lost my job when my teaching contract was not renewed. In addition, I was affected by the poor evaluation given by the principal. It was only the positive peer evaluations from my colleagues and encouraging appraisals from my students that had kept me motivated.

A month later, I was offered two teaching positions. Without much hesitation, I accepted the offer from the smaller school as I thought that it would be more suitable for me. However, my stay there was a short one.

On my first day, the principal decided that I could not teach preschool children and questioned my motives for joining the school. I answered honestly but she rebuked me, saying that I had the wrong motivations. Once again, I was so devastated. Fear and worry flooded my heart. I cringed at the thought of being jobless again. Before I officially quit, I cried out to the Lord, asking Him to open new doors of job opportunities for me, but that did not happen immediately.

During that time, I also broke up with my boyfriend. He made it seem like it was all my fault. Can you imagine the stress, guilt, and feelings of unworthiness that began to overwhelm me?

Then, to my surprise, I was offered a new job within two weeks. Not only did I get a teaching position that involves design (something I’ve always dreamed of), I also got a higher salary. My workplace is near home and everything is less stressful now. On top of that, wonderful colleagues and bosses of high integrity surround me. Daddy God restored to me the joy of teaching. Looking back, the Lord heard my prayers and restored all that was lost, over and beyond my expectations.

In terms of my love life, I am still single, but I continue to walk and grow in the Father’s love for me. The emotional baggage from my previous relationship is now gone. The Lord is so good!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry that unveils the Father’s perfect love for me, His beloved child. Truly, with a consciousness of His love, I can now live this life, victorious always!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Indonesia

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