Praise Report: Restoration Of Hair

I had a condition called alopecia areata that caused hair loss on different parts of my scalp and face. I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed some medicine. The medicine didn’t work. Instead, the condition worsened.

I was told there was no cure for my condition and that it was supposedly caused by stress. But I wasn’t really going through any stress in my life, save the stress caused by my hair loss.

While I believed that God could heal me, I tried all sorts of things people would tell me to do. Eventually, I got tired and decided to just shave instead of having bald spots.

Then one of my coworkers introduced me to Pastor Prince’s teaching on the Holy Communion and my faith rose up after hearing the message. I began partaking of the Holy Communion at work and at home and several weeks later, my hair began to grow back!

Thank You, Lord, for the healing You paid for me at the cross, and thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching the message of grace!

Jose Saez | Florida, United States

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