Praise Report: Blown Away By Amazing Job Offer

Last year, my husband’s company closed down. As a result, we decided he should take a year off to study while I return to work to support the family. However, I felt I was at a disadvantage and might not be able to get the kind of role I desired as I’d taken some time off to raise our child.I applied for roles that I was actually overqualified for, just to get a break and earn some money. But the harder I tried to get a job, the more it seemed to elude me. I was tired, worn out, and afraid. We reached the point where we had totally run out of funds and had to consider removing our son from school.

During that time, we were listening to the grace messages preached by Joseph Prince on television. Then, I stumbled on a sermon CD titled, Worship With The Psalm Of David And See Good Days, by Pastor Prince. I do not even know where it came from but I kept listening to the sermon. The message seeped into my heart and spirit, and I began to realize that God is for me. He loves me in a personal way and His heart is to bless me and see me prosper in all ways. I also realized that I have the power of attorney through Jesus Christ.

As I embraced these truths, I partook of the Holy Communion as often as possible, sometimes even twice a day. I began to keep my eyes on Jesus rather than my circumstances. Although I was not totally without fear, or feeling totally strong in faith, I had peace.

Then, on one of those afternoons, I got a call. I was being offered a role I was interviewed for several weeks ago. We were completely blown away as it was a senior position in a government office. I was in shock over the favor I received even when I was not the most experienced for the position.

God also supplied our needs without us having to borrow money. We had the provision to pay for my son’s school fees even before I started working.

God is good and His mercies endure forever— this is no longer a cliche to me, but a reality.

Pastor Prince, thank you for reaching out with this message of grace with a sense of humor. I’ve learned so much from listening to your programs, and many times it was from the little testimonies you share about raising your kids or your approach to work.

God grace you, your family, and your ministry.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | United Kingdom


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