Praise Report: Baby Eating, Sleeping Well After Receiving Communion

When my one-month-old daughter was not eating and sleeping, I became worried. I was not sure if I was being overly cautious or if I was affected by the lack of sleep, but I needed help.

Thankfully, there was a Joseph Prince special on healing that was airing. I made watching this sermon a priority and was very graciously reminded of what Jesus did at the cross for my healing.

I had already called the doctor to get help for my daughter. But rather than condemning myself, I decided to thank Jesus for meeting me at my faith level, which was believing the prescribed medicine would work.

I partook of the holy Communion and thanked Jesus for hearing my prayers. I also asked Jesus to sanctify my daughter’s medicine.

The doctor had said the medicine could take a week to take effect, but I could hardly believe how fast Jesus answered my prayers. He went above and beyond my expectations. The medicine worked immediately and my daughter ate more in the following six hours than she had in the last forty-eight hours combined. She also slept a bunch!

After a late-night feeding, I lay in bed in awe of how Jesus answered my prayers and thanked Him over and over.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry and for teaching the world about what Jesus did at the cross—how much He loves us, His amazing grace, and how He hears and answers our prayers! God bless you.

Jeanette Kenley | Missouri, United States