Praise Report: Healed Of Excruciating 15-Year Back Pain

I have a great testimony to share.

In 1993, I was in a car accident that injured my spine, messing up my L4-L5 disc. As I could not walk, I had to undergo back surgery in 1995. The operation only made my condition worse, and I was in pain every single day—some days worse than others. Even my right knee and right shoulder were affected. For 15 years, my daily prayer was for healing and release from this excruciating pain.

Then, I listened to a teaching by Pastor Prince titled, Rest In Jesus’ Faith for Miracles. I shared it with my husband. We were both excited and blessed by what we had learned, and it revolutionized my thinking about faith. I began to repeat what Pastor Prince taught about Jesus’ faith, but I wasn’t praying about anything in particular.

That night, as I prepared for bed, my back made this snap, crackle, and pop sound twice when I bent slightly over the sink. Crawling into bed, I noticed that my back didn’t really hurt. When I awoke, the agony in my back was gone. What a miracle! As the day progressed at work, both my knee and shoulder became free of pain as well! I was even able to walk up and down two flights of stairs.

I am so thankful for the teachings on grace by Pastor Prince. What a blessing!

Donna Geiss | Hawaii, US


  • ruth says:

    I am encourage with pastor Joseph Prince messages..

  • I had a back surgery a year ago . I waited three years for it . I used to be a care aid . Now it saddens me that I’m in pain and limited function. I lost my job . I can’t play with my grandkids. My mind is willing and I’m praying my body lines up with the Word of God soon !

  • Sandra sebasio says:

    I have read Pastor Prince’s books and watch his podcast and bought his cd’s and love what he is preaching about grace and it has changed my thinking and I have started to believe right. I am blessed by your the grace preacher. God bless you Pastor Joseph Prince

    Thank you
    Pastor Joseph Prince

  • Jil Trachy says:

    Pastor Joseph Prince’s revaluation on Paul’s teaching on grace and the new covenant with the Abba has totally changed my selfish religious heart. Thank FATHER GOD for pastor and his family and NCC.

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