Praise Report: No More Cancer Cells, Ministry Transformed

In January 2013, I was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. When I received the report, I wondered what I had done to receive this illness. I thought it was because I’d asked God to send me a terminal disease at a time when I was feeling frustrated. The more I thought of it, the more I began to believe that I got what I had asked for.

Doctors told me that they had to operate on me to finalize their diagnosis and decide their next course of treatment. During the period I was waiting for the operation, I repented of what I had said years ago and started believing God for healing.

Both my husband and I are pastors and at that time, my husband was reading the Spanish edition of your book, Destined To Reign. The teaching in your book really shed light on God’s grace and righteousness. We realized that there was nothing we could have done to change our situation but that our situation would change just by believing what Jesus had accomplished for us at the cross.

From then on, I changed my declaration and started confessing that Jesus took the cancer at the cross more than 2,000 years ago. I started confessing that the cancer did not belong to me because it had been nailed to the cross.

I finally underwent surgery on February 26, 2013, and after they had removed the cancer cells, the doctors told me that the cancer was a stage IIIb. They also said the operation was a miracle because they did not believe that it would be a success.

Furthermore, what should have been chemotherapy for six months only took three months for me, and it was only done for prevention. Subsequently, many tests were done but no more cancer cells were found in my body. Glory to Jesus!

After this experience, my husband also changed his preaching focus and began to teach God’s grace and righteousness. Our life and ministry have been totally changed, thanks to our Lord and Savior who used you, Pastor Prince, to bring to us His wonderful Word. The veil has been removed from our eyes and now we can see Jesus clearly when we read the Bible. It’s amazing! Thank you again.

Pastor Gladys Argañaraz | New York, United States

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