Praise Report: Experiencing More Peace And Joy, Husband Offered Job During Economic Downturn

When I got saved at 17, I experienced unconditional love for the first time in my life as God’s mercy and grace washed over me.

In the beginning, church was fun as we worshiped, shared and prayed. But within a few years, I succumbed to a works mentality. I remember searching the Scriptures to discover what I needed to DO.

Hoping that God would speak to me, I randomly opened the Bible to passages in the Old Testament describing His anger and judgment. Soon, I lost my joy and peace. I was tormented by thoughts of “not doing enough for God.”

But my hope was reignited when I chanced upon one of Joseph Prince’s broadcasts. That tiny spark of hope later burst into flames and set me free. Wow! His grace is real and it doesn’t depend on my “doing” enough for Him. No more works that are motivated by guilt and shame that left me exhausted, overwhelmed and drained. My peace and joy returned a hundredfold and I was able to relax and enjoy my life, family and church.

When the economic downturn in 2008 wrecked us financially, I prayed one morning for God to give us something that day based solely on His grace, and not our efforts. Less than 30 minutes later, my husband’s former employer called him and asked if he wanted his old job back! My husband now earns as much as he did in his best year prior to the downturn. God’s grace is AMAZING!

Thank you Joseph Prince Ministries for changing my life!

Kelley Matton | Florida, US

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