Praise Report: Healed of Flu Type A after Taking Communion

My nine-year-old son, Jonah, was diagnosed with flu type A. At the time of the diagnosis, this terrible disease had taken the lives of eighteen people in Dallas. The doctor prescribed Tamiflu, a powerful medication for my son, and mentioned to us that most children would vomit a few minutes after taking the medication.When we got home, Jonah said, “Mommy, I already feel bad, I don’t want to also vomit. Please don’t make me take the medicine.” So I asked my son, “Do you believe Jesus can heal you?” He said yes.

I left Jonah lying down in the living room and went to the kitchen and got crackers and apple juice. He is no stranger to the Holy Communion being taken at home. We belong to Grace Revolution Church* and know the power of God’s healing.

So we prayed, received healing, and thanked God for the gift received. We partook of the Holy Communion on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, Jonah was completely healed and symptom free! Praise God!

I have a picture of his medication still in the stapled sealed paper bag unopened and unused. Almost everyone I’ve shared this experience with said Jonah’s flu must have been mild and discredited our miracle. But we believe God did heal and this has strengthened our faith. Now both my young sons partake of the Holy Communion whenever they feel the need to.

Thank you for your clear teaching, Pastor Prince! It has been freeing to know we can come to God freely and call on our High Priest, Jesus Christ our Savior.

Guadalupe Ramos | Texas, United States

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