The Importance Of Right Believing

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

When things go wrong in our lives, we often ask the question, “What did I DO wrong?” We believe that something we did brought about the bad thing that has happened. Granted, there are consequences to our actions, but what brought about those actions in the first place? It’s our beliefs!

So the question we should really be asking is not, “What did I do wrong?” but “Where have I gone wrong in my believing?” The bad things that we are experiencing today are often a result of the wrong beliefs that we have. Similarly, the good things that we are experiencing today are a result of believing right about the Lord’s grace, love and promises for us.

Beloved, I pray today that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you areas of wrong believing in your life so that any hindrances to your breakthrough may be removed. Just go to the Lord right now and ask, “Where have I believed wrong, Lord?” And let Him guide you into all truth and show you the way to your victory.

When you know the truth and believe right, you will live right, experience freedom from bondages and walk in the blessings of God!

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  • Catherine says:

    Good Morning Joseph, I am writing because I need you to pray for me, so that my faith in the Lord Jesus prospers and I am able to live for him and be the person I was meant to be! So that I can my life to him as he gave his for me! I need your prayer for a happy and fulfilled life this year and have the right people in my life and that the right job comes my way, so that I can provide for my daughter and myself, with no worries! Thank you for you inspiring words each day! Reading your messages has helped me to know the Lord more than I have before and has given me the faith I have today!
    Thank you for that and your prayers!

  • Anyanwu Chidi says:

    Pastor Prince. I’m a final year pharmacy student of the University of Lagos, Nigeria, Africa and I can’t even start to explain how much impact you are having in the lives of the youth over here . My own life and my family as a major example has totally been transformed since 2011. So many testimonies .I don’t go a full day without listening and hearing your podcasts (Pure, unadulterated gospel). I’m still praying to attend your live preaching in Africa or anywhere else. To get your full sermons too. What can I say? You’re my mentor. God Bless You so much ! I’d love to be a partner to the ministry to further spread the gospel.

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