Praise Report: Blessed With A Good Job And Enjoying A Grace-Filled Family Life

I have been listening to messages by Joseph Prince since March 2010. I had never been exposed to grace teachings until my family and I came across Joseph Prince’s messages. We had a “born again” experience once again by hearing and reading Joseph Prince’s messages and books.

We have been Christians for the last 12 years but our Christian walk was with struggle and strife. We were defeated and discouraged most of the time. If not for the love of the Lord and His miracles in our life, we would have been backslidden.

After knowing grace, we have had such a wonderful encounter with God’s love and His grace for us. The Christian life makes sense now and our perception of God and His love for us has changed for the better. The compulsion to struggle has left us. Our Christian journey has become so smooth and enjoyable.

In fact, God did a miracle for me as I was offered a job with a company that is affiliated to the Government. I was recommended by an important person for the job and given a salary that I requested even without a formal interview. We are so amazed by God’s grace. I have never gotten a job that easily and it is the best one compared to my previous jobs.

What a grace-filled life we enjoy once we start to taste the abundance of God’s grace! My wife and children are beginning to understand the grace messages and they too have been enjoying the Christian life wonderfully ever since they were exposed to the messages. All praises to Jesus and thanks to God for Joseph Prince and his ministry.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous 

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  • Julie Anne Baiwog says:

    I am reading all the praise reports and I am blessed. I would like to know more about how to partake of the Holy Communion. I read of the boy in secondary school having to take holy communion before doing his exams.

    Please explain.

    Thank you.

    Julie Anne Baiwog
    Papua New Guinea

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