How To Pray Powerful Prayers (Part 3/3)

The Power Of Mustard-Seed Faith

“Pastor Prince, I understand the need to take charge, but I just don’t have that kind of boldness or faith. My faith is so small.”

As small as a grain of mustard seed? Well, that’s good enough for Jesus, and for uprooting big, deep-rooted problems!

In teaching His disciples how to deal with problems, Jesus told them that even if their faith was only the size of a mustard seed, they could command the mulberry tree (the problem), “Be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,” and the tree (their problem) would obey them (Luke 17:6).

Do you know how small a mustard seed is? At approximately 1.5mm in diameter, it’s minuscule compared to the mulberry tree, which has a thick, strong trunk, and roots that go very deep. Yet, faith as small as a mustard seed will uproot this strong and deeply rooted tree! Can you see the Lord’s goodness and grace here?

My friend, has that stubborn medical condition been there for a long time? Is your financial situation deeply rooted in a bad debt? Is drug addiction causing you to lose your teenager? No matter how big or deeply entrenched the problem is, no matter how small you think your faith is, start speaking to the problem. Use your mustard-seed faith and command the problem to go: “Be plucked up by your roots and be cast into the sea!” And expect it to obey you because Jesus said it would.

Keep Commanding Your Problem To Be Uprooted 

Years ago, before I was married, I had a skin condition on my back. It had been there for quite a long time and was quite widespread, looking like a continent on my back. After Wendy and I got married, she of course noticed it as well. However, this condition didn’t bother me much. I was only conscious of it when I perspired and the affected area started to itch.

One day, the Lord said to me, “Son, do you want to keep that or do you want to get rid of it?” So I said, “Lord, I want to get rid of it.” Then He said, “From now on, when you partake of the Holy Communion, mention your desire to be healed and receive healing from My broken body. Every day, command the condition to depart.”

So I began to say, “Skin condition, be thou plucked up by your roots and be thou planted in the sea!” I did that every day, partaking of the Holy Communion and commanding the condition to leave. In the natural, this may not seem logical or possible. How can mere words remove a stubborn physical condition? But we are talking about the realm of faith. We are talking about God’s Word and ways. If God says it will work, let’s just believe Him.

I don’t know how long it took, probably a number of months, but as I was washing up one morning, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to check my back. So I looked at my back in the mirror and discovered that the condition was gone. It was all gone!

Command with authority again and again until your problem gives way and you get your breakthrough! 

I don’t know how or when I was healed. The manifestation of my healing was certainly not dramatic, but it happened. So whatever it is you have, be it a pimple or tumor, start speaking to it. Start commanding it to go. The problem is not going to uproot itself, God’s Word and your faith are!

If you have been speaking to your problem and have yet to see results, don’t be discouraged. Keep speaking to it every day, commanding it to be uprooted. When Jesus taught His disciples to “say” to the mulberry tree (Luke 17:6), the Greek word used here for “say” carries the imperfect tense, meaning it is a repeated action. In other words, Jesus was telling them to repeatedly command the problem to depart. So don’t just say it once and forget about it. Command with authority again and again until your problem gives way and you get your breakthrough! 

The Power Of Practicing His Presence

Let me share with you how you can pray and declare with greater authority and see more results. Coming back to Elijah’s earnest prayer, when he addressed King Ahab and declared that there would be no rain, Elijah’s first words were, “As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand…” (1 Kings 17:1). Notice how the prophet was more conscious of the Lord’s presence than of the king’s presence. So when you pray or command your problem to be uprooted, know that the Lord Most High is present in your life and that He is the one who will bring your miracle to pass!

Let me share with you about one of my pastors who leads worship in our church. When he leads worship, and even more so when he leads the congregation in partaking of the Holy Communion, the anointing is very tangible. This pastor doesn’t shout or jump around. He just speaks gently from his heart and people are ministered to.

When you practice the Lord’s presence, you sense His peace, love and empowerment.

As his senior pastor, there was a period when I noticed an increase in his anointing. Not only was there a greater anointing when he led worship and the Holy Communion, but he had more results when he went to pray for the sick in hospitals. So I asked him why this was happening and he revealed that it was all because of a revelation I had shared with my pastors a number years ago when we were away at a conference.

I had told them that ever since I came to know Jesus, I  ’ve found it a joy to practice His presence. Whenever I’m feeling down or just plain overwhelmed by circumstances, I always picture Him at my right hand. I shared with my pastors that over time, I noticed I had become less fearful, less stressed, and more authoritative and stronger, just by seeing the Lord with me always. Beloved, you can do this too wherever you are, and sense His peace, love, and empowering presence right in the midst of your circumstance!

Well, my sharing became a personal revelation for this pastor and he ran with it. He would see the Lord with him every time he led worship or prayed for someone. He told me that he realized it wasn’t about him, but that it was all about the Lord. So after he had prayed for someone, he would step aside and let the Lord do the healing. And just by seeing the Lord with him all the time, his anointing, which has blessed many in my congregation, grew!

Beloved, the Lord is with you and He has given you the authority to command the forces of darkness, such as diseases, negative situations and evil spirits, to depart. So use your God-given authority to pray powerful prayers and usher in the Lord’s divine life, health, wisdom, favor, and supply into your life and the lives of others. Through what the Lord will do in and through you when you pray, many will see that you have a God who cares, who is willing to help, and who is most able!

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  • Sharon Ferguson " DDreamerFerguson" says:

    Pastor Prince, my youngest son Tommy Ferguson has that very same type skin condition. I know by your description and by the fact that when he sweats it itches. His doctor even did test and told it is as if he’s allergic to his own sweat that causes the issue condition. Pastor Prince I didn’t know all the things I now have had my eyes and ears opened to by hearing GRACE and seeing GRACE in action through your ministry when Tommy was young and at home. He is a young adult living about 900 miles away from me, can I still speak to that issue on his back and command it to leave In e mighty name of JESUS in his behalf even if Tommy’s beliefs are somewhat different? I’m still going to speak! Hallelujah Lord! AMEN N AMEN

  • Liza kilonzi says:

    Peace! Where can i buy ur books in Kenya?can we pray 4 a grace revolution in Kenya( Africa)thank u & be blessed 4ever

  • ody says:

    love reading your articles.

  • Deborah says:

    We serve a mighty God in Jesus name, Thank you.

  • Seema says:

    Really I blessed by your wonderful message..
    God Bls U n Ministry .

  • Boni Wilfred henry says:

    I’m totally blessed by your article Pastor Prince..I come to know the teaching of Grace just few weeks ago and it tremendously transformed me into a new person.. I started attend church that teaching Grace at my hometown and my faith grow fast and every day i listening sermons by Pastor Prince on YouTube..thank you Pastor Prince for the Grace teaching..God bless you.

  • Dan says:

    I am really impressed with your candid teaching.May the god almight God continue to ad you more wisdom.

    Kudos the excellent work.

  • sunil kumar says:

    dr god please help me i am suffering from skin problem from the date of my birth past 20 years i am feeling very shame to speak with my friends all are avoiding me by seeing my skin. plz my dr god give me ur blessings or else stop my heart beats plz plz dr god…….

    • Hiram says:

      When you pray and command through grace you should remember Christ already defeated all things at the cross… see His victory every time you pray to God,you already have victory so don’t beg,He has already given u the victory.
      If the devil tries to make you doubt,just think about Jesus at the cross instead of the doubt, and know His grace is already given.

  • Dudu Mdadane says:

    Blessed beyond measure!!!!

  • Elaine Lombard says:

    I really enjoy listening to your sermons and reading your articles. I have a son who has been in rehabilitation for being a drug addict. I love him so much and Pray Pray and Pray for him. I have handed him to the Lord. My son has been in there for 6 months. He sounded better but now. Full of anger and resentment and I don’t even know if he has stopped believing. Please give mea Prayer to pray for him
    Gods Blessings be with you

  • Sandi Twaku says:

    Good morning Pastor Prince .

    It is really my first time reading any of your prayer guidelines, and I truly have learnt something worthwhile in this article, may the Lord increase His wisdom upon you.

    I have faced a series of challenges, but I’m now at a place of rest, not being restless about my situation. No income and have relocated back to my mom’s place with my three daughters. I have a court case this month on the 15th March 2021, with a guy who is so arrogant and consistently listing. He sold my car and spent all the money without giving me a cent, and my children and I have suffered and I could not afford to pay rent anymore and had to relocate. I intended to use the car for business. He has been lying and said he will pay me since June 2020, I need God to bring me justice and get my money from this guy so that I can run my business and get income. Im totally dependent on my mother who is a pensioner and I don’t want to continue to live like this, I have never been dependent on anyone before.

    Kindly send me prayer points as well for this issue.

    God bless and keep you sir.


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