Take To The Skies

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

A farmer tried to raise an eaglet among some chickens. The eaglet was taught to run around like a chicken and scratch the dirt like a chicken. Instead of flying, it was always taught to look down, and to run away from snakes like a scared chicken. But each time it did those things, it knew in its heart that something was wrong.

One day, it happened to look up and see an eagle flying high and majestically in the sky, with a snake grasped in its talons! The eagle gave a loud shriek that resonated deep within the heart of the eaglet.

Each time the eaglet saw the eagle, it knew in its heart that it was beholding its true nature.

It tried to tell the chickens about it, but the chickens just said, “Stop dreaming! You’re a chicken. We chickens are earth-bound. We don’t fly. And we’re terrified of snakes!” But the more the eaglet saw the eagle, the more it saw its true destiny. The sight and call of the eagle eventually captured its heart, so that finally, it was able to shut out the voices of unbelief, shake off its earth-bound mentality and take off to the skies to live the high life of an eagle!

My friend, God calls us eagles, and He calls us to live the high life with Him.

When you were born again as a child of God, everything necessary for success, for being the head and not the tail, for being above only and not beneath, and for living the victorious life, was birthed in you. Keep seeing and meditating on your true identity in Christ—a beloved, righteous child of God destined to soar and reign in life. The more you get this into your heart, the more you’ll be able to shut out the voices that try to keep you down and defeated, and live the high life!

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  • Michael says:

    God bless you Joseph Prince.

  • Karen Baker-Zepf says:

    I am big attached way above what I thought ever could happen in the Lord.
    Please help me to stay steady in the Lord, giving it to him, trusting he will reveal his plans in it.
    My grandchild who has completely turned away from me after 10 years of taking care if him, has built a barrage against me, in turn the woman who is caring for him, has gossiped way over, to a former husband, a newly divorced wife, spewing to.my friends.
    All because he would not apply to school. Please help in my strength in the Lord.

  • Karen Baker-Zepf says:

    My youngest has graduated from the USNA, and I was hoping this child would see the importance of his education, as he found his own way, instead he only became worse. Going to a friend of mine to get sympathy and not talking to me.
    Lord, please show me your way in this!

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