Supernaturally On Top Of Things

Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.

Proverbs 16:3

The Book of Wisdom instructs us to be “diligent to know the state of your flocks” (Proverbs 27:23). In other words, whether you’re running a business, in charge of a department, or just taking care of your home and children, know what’s going on!

Now, God doesn’t want you to get stressed out carrying out this responsibility in your own strength. He wants you to trust Him to empower you to do it. God wants you to look to Him, lean on His favor, wisdom and supply, and experience His Spirit leading you to carry out your responsibilities with thoroughness, accuracy and effectiveness.

Beloved, as you go about what you need to do today, trust the Lord to position you at the right time and place to do the right thing. Ask and expect Him to show you what you need to zero in on, and to supernaturally equip you for the demands of every situation. That’s how you walk in divinely directed diligence and stay on top of things!

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