Praise Report: Freed From Bitterness, Marriage Restored And Expecting A Child

Pastor Prince, I want to thank you for changing my life and restoring my faith in God Almighty. When I lost my mom four years ago, I lost all faith. I turned my back on God and blamed Him for allowing my mom to die. I was devastated and did not want to go on. My denial over her death also caused a lot of bitterness, hatred, and problems in my marriage.

One day, I turned on the television and started watching one of your sermons. Your words touched me and I found myself wanting to know more. Eventually, it came to a point where I did not want to turn the TV off—my TV is now always tuned in to Daystar or Trinity Broadcasting Network. In addition, I also order your books and CDs. My faith has been renewed and my hunger for the Lord grows daily. I sing in tongues in my shower and praise God for everything each morning.

I want to thank you, Pastor Prince, for bringing God back into our home and for showing us His grace. My husband and I have reconciled, and our marriage and faith in God are stronger than ever after twenty-seven years. The Lord has blessed us after thirteen years with a child. I am due in November and this is all made possible because of God Almighty’s love for me.

Blessed be to God and your ministry. May God give you long life and many more blessings as you to continue spreading His good Word of God. Amen!

Wanda Acosta | New Jersey, United States

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