Seeing Jesus In The Word Gives Life (Part 2/3)

See Jesus in the Word and experience the resurrection life of God in your areas of weakness and barrenness. Join Joseph Prince in this three-part series and understand what it means to seek and see Jesus in the Word. Experience for yourself how this practice leads to greater intimacy with Jesus, divine healing and abundant life.

See A Good God

Many of the Bible stories, parables, and even Old Testament feasts and laws are actually about Jesus, His love for you, and His finished work at Calvary. The Bible is really all about Jesus. He is the magnificent, watertight ark of salvation in the ancient flood of Noah. In the story of Abraham’s sacrifice, He is the strong and youthful Isaac, who carried the wood (the cross) up Mount Moriah (Mount Calvary). Then, on Mount Moriah, He is the true sacrificial ram sent from the Father and caught in the thicket.

In the life story of Joseph in the Book of Genesis, Jesus is our heavenly Joseph. He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him. Rejected by His brothers, He found comfort in a Gentile bride, and became a blessing to the Gentile world. But He has not forgotten His brothers, who will recognize Him at His second appearance. Isn’t this the story of God’s ancient people, Israel? They rejected their Brother-Messiah, but will acknowledge Him at His second appearance.

In the love story of Ruth, He is our heavenly Boaz, our willing and most able kinsman redeemer. In the law of the Hebrew servant, He is that faithful servant, the one who said, “I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free,” and who was pierced and who remains a servant forever (Exodus 21:5–6).

Jesus is in the Old Testament concealed, and in the New Testament revealed.

In the Book of Leviticus, the details of His sufferings and crucifixion are hidden in the details of the offerings. In the Book of Judges, when Samson stretched out his hands and pushed against the two pillars moments before his death (Judges 16:29–30), what do you see? The cross of Jesus! Like Samson, Jesus accomplished more (against our enemies) in His death than in His life on earth.

See Jesus’ Goodness, Grace And Love Toward You

These are just some Old Testament examples of seeing Jesus. He is in the Old Testament concealed, and in the New Testament revealed. And although you can read plainly about Him and His awesome miracles in the New Testament, ask the Holy Spirit to show you glimpses of His glory—His goodness, grace and love toward you. See His glory, when He stretched forth His hand and touched the leper before He healed him, because our compassionate Lord knew that this poor outcast had not been touched or hugged for a long time.

When our Lord raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead, He wasn’t too “spiritual” to forget the child’s basic needs. While everyone else was overcome with amazement, Jesus was practical enough to tell the people to give the child something to eat. And although this girl’s healing had “URGENT!” stamped all over it, Jesus had pushed time aside to minister to a poor woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years. He didn’t want her to just take healing from Him and leave with a guilty conscience. No, He wanted to meet this woman of faith face to face, assure her of her healing, and let her know that she is His beloved daughter. That’s our Jesus—altogether lovely and glorious in His love for you and me!

The Emmaus Road Experience

My friend, you will feel like jumping up and running around when the Holy Spirit unveils Jesus and His glory to you. I’m telling you, it gets my spiritual hormones bubbling and puts goose bumps on my goose bumps! This is what makes reading the Bible an exciting adventure. There’s so much life imparted. It’s not about how many chapters you have read or how much Bible knowledge you have accumulated. It’s all about seeing Jesus and having a personal encounter with Him. It’s all about having an intimate relationship with Him and receiving His generous supply of life!

It’s not about how many chapters you have read. It’s all about seeing Jesus.

I like to call this the Emmaus Road experience. When Jesus opened up the Scriptures to two of His disciples along the road to Emmaus, and “expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself” (Luke 24:27), it had a profound effect on the dejected disciples. Their hearts burned within them with the warmth of God’s love as He showed them how the stories, feasts, and laws in the Old Testament books were talking about Him and His sacrifice at Calvary.

At the end of that life-producing Bible study, the disciples were no longer a tired, confused, and depressed duo. They were divinely uplifted and energized, and even walked the whole seven miles back to Jerusalem. That’s what seeing Jesus in the Word and receiving His life will do to your body and soul!

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  • Sean & Roberta Williams says:

    Pastor Prince thank you for preaching Paul’s revelation of Grace radically. I ask that you & your ministry team would agree with me & my family concerning God’s full restoration for our lives in every area. Also that we may clearly know our purpose’s & callings in Christ & fulfill it by The Grace of our Lord. We are partners with your ministry & we so thank you for your labor of love that has made an impact not only where your church is located in Singapore but also on the soils of where we are here in the U.S.A. We love you & are expecting a radical transformation by His Grace. Again thanks!

  • Angie Diaz says:

    I really love reading these! I thank God for Pastor Prince and his ministries or the word and encouragements that leave people like me hungry for more!

  • Ange Van Heerden says:

    Thank You Pastor Prince indeed!

  • New creation church ministry is a package of blessing all over the world. Each day i hear from pr. prince i get to pick some thing new that unveils the love of God to all the people. Thank you pastor Prince and may God reward you.

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