Develop Godly Habits

Seven times a day I praise You, because of Your righteous judgments.
Psalm 119:164

It was David’s habit to praise God seven times a day. It was Daniel’s habit since his youth to pray three times a day to God. It was Jesus’ habit to go to the synagogue every Sabbath to read the Word. And it was the early church’s habit to meet together often and break bread.

My friend, whether it’s meditating on the Word, praying or praising God, I encourage you to cultivate such godly habits. Not only are they ways through which you’ll enjoy God’s presence, but they’ll also equip you for every fight of life. They’ll sustain and deliver you in times of trouble.

Just look at Daniel. When a new law forbade him to pray, he didn’t panic or become confused, but as was his custom, continued to pray to God. Later, up close and personal with a bunch of hungry lions, this habit made Daniel so conscious of God’s presence in the den that the lions couldn’t touch him! It made him so steady that the king was moved to haul Daniel up and throw in his enemies to the lions instead.

Beloved, let godly habits deepen your relationship with Jesus—and overcome every challenge with a strong consciousness of His presence and love!

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  • The “Develop Godly Habits” article is so good. Yes it is so important to be in the habit of praising God daily and praying all the time and as you always say Pastor Prince; it’s a relationship with God. When you said that, quite awhile ago, it really helped me to say yes, it is a relationship, like we have relationships with people, who we care about and talk to daily and share things with; t’s no different with God, except he’s the most important relationship we will ever have, but the point is that it’s a relationship, that we cultivate and nurture, except of course that this is God. To me, he’s my life and it’s so much more than a habit because, when you know how much God loves you and he’s literally your everything, you just naturally are talking to him always and definitely, when trials, hardships and immense difficulties come, you know that God is always with you, loving you, embracing you and delivering you through them all. Praise him, he’s so good and I love him so much.

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