Praise Report: Son Healed of Scoliosis, 17-Degree Curve in Spine Straightened

My youngest son was diagnosed with scoliosis when his X-ray showed a 17-degree curve in his spine. Upon receiving the news, fear, doubt, anger, sadness, worry, and condemnation began to set in our hearts. We were also concerned about potential disabilities and surgeries for my son in future. 

As a pastor, I found myself struggling with my Christian beliefs. Nevertheless, I could feel the Lord’s loving embrace and peace as I prayed for my son. My church also prayed for him and we believed the Lord could, and would, heal him. 

The doctor referred him to a children’s hospital and arranged for an appointment. By faith, we decided to go for the appointment to confirm the healing that had already begun. Even though doubt, condemnation, and fear crept into our hearts, we kept declaring the finished work of the cross and partook of the holy Communion. 

During the appointment, the doctor examined my son and took more X-rays. Then she said, “I have good news for you!” and showed us the X-rays that displayed no trace of scoliosis. Our son’s spine had straightened out. The Lord had healed him! There is victory and power in the cross indeed! 

We now distribute a copy of Pastor Prince’s book, The Power of Right Believing, to every new member in our church. We believe miracles happen as we fill ourselves with the good news of the gospel. 

Caleb | Texas, United States 

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