Praise Report: Set free from depression

I had been struggling with depression since 2017 and never really understood what was happening to me. I felt hopeless and did not look forward to anything. I often felt as if there was a dark cloud over my head and I was unable to feel any joy.

I battled against it by reading books and watching videos, but the depression did not completely go away. In 2021, I started tuning in to New Creation Church’s service every Sunday and believed that God will set me free because I am the righteousness of God in Christ and my healing was already paid for at the cross. All I had to do was believe.

Gradually, I began to experience joy. My complete deliverance came when Pastor Prince spoke during his sermon on 22 August about someone being set free from the darkness over his or her head and brought into light. Immediately, I knew that the prayer was for me and claimed it for myself.

From that day on, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off of me and my moodiness was gone. Glory to Jesus, and thank you, Pastor Prince, for your messages of grace!

Gasekgale Mmoloki | Botswana

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