Praise Report: Right-Time Right-Place Help for Couple

One day, when my husband and I wanted to drive home after work, our car would not start. We live more than 18 miles from the city where we work, and our car not starting meant we had to take the bus home. To get home, we first had to go to the city center from our workplace and then find the right bus to Rosvik, the small village where we live. But buses to Rosvik are rare.

As my husband kept trying to start the car, I kept declaring that I am the righteousness of God in Christ and that God loves me and is working out all things for my good, even though the situation seemed bad. I declared that He loves me and would take care of everything, and we would get home.

Suddenly, a man walked into the parking lot, and I felt led to ask him for help to jumpstart our car battery with his car battery. The man was very kind and patient and stayed with us for almost half an hour as we tried to jumpstart our car. Our car still did not work, so we decided to go to the city center and look for a bus to go home and take the car to the mechanic the next day.

We thanked the man for his help and asked if he could drop us off in the city center. But he said he was not going there and was going to another city in the opposite direction of the city center. Guess what? To get to the city he was going to, he would pass Rosvik. Oh, praise the Lord because He is so good! The man gave us a lift and dropped us off near our house. What are the chances that this particular man came to the parking lot when we needed help?

God really loves us. He cares about what bothers us even if it is small in our eyes. He will never put us to shame. It is indeed the kairos year of right time, right place. All the praise goes to our loving Abba and the Lord Jesus!

Anonymous | Sweden