Praise Report: House and Car Undamaged by Cyclones

On March 1, Vanuatu had its first category 3 cyclone named Judy. Then on March 3, we had a category 4 cyclone, named Kevin. The first one came during the day and the stronger, second one arrived at night.

I was declaring over our family and home the prayer of protection—Psalm 91. Before the storm, I was in my room declaring repeatedly verses 1 and 2. Our home is on the top of the hill facing the sea where we’ve experienced winds of more than 142 miles per hour.

After the cyclones passed, I saw fallen trees and branches and houses with their roofs blown off. But our home and car were not damaged. I believe Abba Father gave His angels charge over us that night until the morning according to His promise in Psalm 91, and we are so grateful for His protection. To God be the glory!

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince, for always giving us the revelation of Psalm 91. God bless you and your ministry!

Viviane Arsen | Vanuatu