Praise Report: Offered Better Job After Trusting Jesus

During my last job appraisal, I’d missed out on a salary hike even though I had been performing well. My manager mentioned the increase was only given to employees they considered valuable. His comment hurt me, and I was angry. But God led me to let go of my resentment, and I continued to work my best without complaining.As time passed, I was tasked to do a menial, entry-level job despite having seven years of work experience. My manager was also promoted at that time, but he stopped helping the team when issues cropped up. This caused all of us in the team to complain about him, calling him the worst manager.

However, I remembered one of Pastor Prince’s sermons where he shared that God puts us in difficult situations not to punish us, but to build character and bring out the best in us. I realized it was God who was leading me to change my attitude, and I decided to take on my work responsibilities, however menial, with full enthusiasm. I even volunteered to do the tasks the team did not want to do, and I stopped complaining about my manager.

Before long, I received a call for a job interview. By this time, I had been applying for jobs for almost two years but was rejected for everything I had applied for. Before going to the interview, I listened to Live the Let-Go Life by Pastor Prince. I trusted the Lord and decided to let go and allow Him to do what He felt was best for me.

I cleared all the interviews and was offered the job. The salary offered was twice as much as what I was getting. I negotiated the offer further and the company further increased my salary. They even said I could visit their office and talk to staff members to decide if I wanted to work there!

I thank God He not only blessed me with a better position and a better salary, but also built my character during that difficult time.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your amazing teachings on Jesus, and how He cares for every little thing in our lives. Thank You, Jesus, for being so awesome!

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