Praise Report: No More Lust Problems After Confessing Righteousness

I just want to thank Pastor Prince for his teachings. I had a problem with lust for many years, even though I was saved. I would masturbate and read and watch things on the Internet that, although weren’t strictly pornography, were not good.

I would make many excuses for my habits and try to live with them. But I would often feel bad and give the whole problem to God, again and again. I tried everything to stop the habits, but nothing worked. Even if they did, it was only for a short time.

After hearing a CD sermon by Joseph Prince, I started to confess my righteousness in Christ when I had lustful thoughts or even when I gave in to the temptations. I came to believe that God’s good opinion of me never changes and I felt no more condemnation.

It doesn’t make sense in the natural but praise God, I am now free from this problem!

Amazingly, the desire to sin is gone and even if lustful thoughts enter my mind, I am able to ignore them.

From the sermons, podcasts, and email devotionals that I receive, I am increasing in my understanding of the difference between doing things in my own strength and resting in Jesus’ finished work. I am also growing in grace as I learn more and more about Jesus’ love for me. I thank God and also want to thank you. This ministry has been such a blessing to me!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Australia


  • Amalia says:

    It’s weird to here this but that’s what God did for me with my smoking and ur word that comes to me help me I knw nothing of God but the basic my mind has been changed by u and others like u I knw God speaks threw u I knw this bcs I knw.amen

  • Merline says:

    Pastor Prince; I am having a huge problem/ temptation that has been bothering me greatly.
    I am a waitress and in the past we used to take/steal money from tables and now that I am saved- I am still stucked on the evil action. How can I fight this problem?
    It’s really driving me crazy as much as I try to avoid it I keep falling back into my old ways.
    I am fearing that God is getting tired of my actions and that he won’t forgive me.
    Please help I am losing my mind!

    • sfundo says:

      he never will get tired of you.learnt to rest more and more in his love you will see the desire not will power that changes you but it a greater knowledge of his grace,mercy and love

    • deborah says:

      Hello Dear one blessed of the lord you are not going crazy and the lord will never ever get tired of you never because he that has began a good work in you will finish it that is his promise to you no need to worry he will never leave you or forsake you you might need to go on a fast to break that power over your mind and when you catch your self taking the money remind yourself to put it back even if you feel shame return it to the table do this over and over again you will get free Dear one begin to read proverbs it will help as welldeborah

    • Rick says:


      “How can I fight this problem?”
      Remember, it is not your problem to fight. You always have the power to do nothing. Your greatest battle is to enter into rest. God is working in you, just let him. He loves you so!

  • Timothy Batemon says:

    Dear Joseph Prince I Had a Problem With Believing Right But one Day I Seen Your Book On Right Believing I Order your Book And it Bless my Life Now I Know Right Believing Produce Right Living Thank God For Your ministry I Watch You Daily And May God bless Your Ministry And Family

  • Stanley says:

    pls how can I get did bad habit of mine stopped for good, dis lustful habit I am from Nigeria

    • jude says:

      Dear child of God. Run to God he will deliver you, you will conquer. There are good churches in Nigerian with anointed servants of God, God will delivered you through them. Also begin to study the word of God . Confess your righteousness in christ jesus keep saying it as often as possible . The power of God will erease bad memories and thought from your mind and replace them with his words of life. You will begin to experience incomparable joy and peace in the Lord. Download Daystar app, app etc. The word of God will change you as you listen to preaching from these apps. The word of God is so powerful it will sure change you for good by the grace of God. You first step to victory is by asking how you can be free. Yes you can by the grace of God.

    • Tebogo says:

      Declare you are the Righteousness of God all the time the thoughts comes to your mind,always have the Bible app on your phone to read it wherever you are when the lust thoughts comes,also don’t be alone coz that s when the enemy attacks you with this thoughts,be busy,an idle mind is dangerous.Keep praying,asking the Lord to deliver you,ask your spiritual father/Man of God in your life for help and guidance,remember its a spirit of lust that attacks you n you have the power to overcome it
      keep yourself busy with the things of the Lord most of the time.God will come through for you.

  • Erin says:

    This is truly amazing!!!! Thank you, I am going to do this too!

  • Aubrey Locke says:

    Dear Pastor Joseph Prince,I was privileged to grow up under a precious Man of God.He nurtured me in the things of Lord.One Sunday in Church he said that God has already forgiven us of sins we have not yet committed,and when he said so my eyes popped open and in my spirit as if I screamed.Before then I never heard anyone said so .This man would literally would stretch me out in the things of the Lord,and this would happen ever so often.After a number of years of being with this man of God,I figured no more stretching.I couldn’t be more mistaken.One morning visiting him as would be my custom he began to say to me”Aubrey we are guilty of preaching a mixed gospel,”and he continued to say to me “either you preach law or you preach Grace,but don’t mix it.”Then he began to commission me saying “preach Grace,don’t mix it “. He repeated this so many times that morning to me,that I was literally in a state of shock.I thought I knew so much but all of sudden ,l realized I knew nothing.I enquired of the Lord,” what does he mean Lord”,but no understanding came.I stopped taking preaching appointments.That experience literally for one and a half years left me as a man with his mouth open in shock.That was my position in the spirit .One of my favorite scripture use to be”weeping may endure the night but joy comes in the morning”,that night lasted one and a half years.Them one night I tuned into a gospel station and heard a preacher quoting from the old testament talking about “Grace,Grace”and that was like drops of water in a desert land. The next night I turned in again on the same gospel station y and the inevitable happened.A preacher in my opinion looking some what like Bruce Lee and sounding like Bruce Lee,whose name was Joseph Prince teaching on Grace and saying Amen with that accent.My God from the moment I saw you Pastor Prince I knew that was the Lord talking to me.My life has not been the same.Those were the earlier years you preached grace.I remember I would rush home from work just to hear more and more and more Grace.I have lost some good friends in the process of my pursuit of His Grace.My Pastor use to say when men throw the book at you God throw Grace at the book.Amen.Thank God for a man like you who with boldness declares the gospel of Grace.Amen.

  • tadiwos mulugeta says:

    how can i get there with u please give some advises I am in Eth.and I am in Christ I want to work and to learn theology? please give me web site or advise.

    but the teaching of pastor I praise God for his free gift.

  • Simon says:

    Pastor Prince hi,hpy new mnth June…believe wit me 4 a financial breakthru in ma biz.AMEN

  • Anna Zwane says:

    Dear Pastor Prince
    Thank you so much for preaching this wonder full gospel,it is relay changing my life.I watch you on TBN and Faith channel.My mind use to be so confused because I use to think that there is something wrong with me.Until I purchase your CD at church in Rhema South Africa,but at first I did not believe I started to watch you after our pastor went to your church.I am so grateful that I continued to watch so many things has happened to me.Having evil thought as a Christian,bad habit
    I did not know what to do,but by listening to you Pastor my life changed even now is still changing.Knowing of who I am in Christ changed everything.Thank you for obeying GOD Thank you and continue I am no longer the same.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY PASTOR

  • Merric Finlly Onverwacht says:

    Thank you God for Such a great Gift.

  • Thea Goje says:

    Thank You Pastor. I recently recieved power from the Lord to stop fornicating. I have a baby out of wedlock and I asked her father that we wait till we are married to resume sexual intimacy but he didnt take it well. i love him and wish to marry him some day but at the same time I dont want to fornicate. what do I do.

  • rkaette george says:

    I hope Pastor Prince himself will read this, I celebrate u sir, ur mp3 messages on ma phone, kips me going everyday

  • Cosmas universe says:

    That’s always good to give God a way in, you never know his approach to your situation. Typical of God

  • Isi says:

    Hey the that’s the exact same problem I’m going through , but thanks for Sharing ,it really encourages to help me to try get through it, godbless u all

  • Jazz says:

    Yes, God will take whatever is sinful away if we confess our sins to Him. He took away a jerk from my life after I confessed my sins and asked God to remove whatever which is not pleasing to Him.
    Recently I got to know a guy through dating site. He is not a believer but told me he was willing to follow my faith when we started chatting. So we dated and were in a relationship cos he said he loved me and nothing would change his love for me. I believed him. Every time we dated, he wanted intimacy with me. The last time my emotion got the better of me and we made out in his car. I regretted it and told him no more of such action as we were not married. He said okay but subsequently he distanced himself from me and now I don’t even hear from him anymore. I asked God to forgive my action. I could have stopped that make out session but my flesh was weak and I was naive to think that it was ok cos he said he was my boyfriend and eventually we would be together. I was gullible to believe him totally. I learnt a painful lesson.

  • Dear Pastor Prince, am glad hearing of your dedication to the gospel of grace, which indeed is the only gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Early in my study of the scriptures, the Holy Spirit graciously granted me the knowledge of the above truth. In this dispensation of grace, there is no other gospel outside that of grace.
    As the day of the redemption of the body of Christ is fast approaching, we must steadfastly and boldly proclaim the gospel of grace without out apology to anyone. In line with this, the Lord granted me the privilege of authoring a book- the BIOGRAPHY OF JESUS CHRIST, THE ETERNAL LAMB. It is published by authorhouse uk. or visit my website I believe you will greatly benefit from it, having read most of your books.

  • Daniël says:

    Awesome testimony! Hallelujah 😀

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