Praise Report: No More Anxiety, Able to Sleep Again

A few months ago, I had a mental breakdown. I was overworking myself with my business, taking care of my three children, and had numerous other things happening in my life. I didn’t have time to pray or read the Word anymore. I couldn’t sleep and had to stop my business. I couldn’t function and look after my kids. My whole world was falling apart.

Then someone directed me to Pastor Prince’s devotionals. They were spot on for what I needed every day. I started to thank God for providing His Word just for me. I tuned in to sermons and began to feed on the Word and teachings. Worship became a regular part of my day, and scripture became my weapon against all anxiety symptoms and manifestations.

Now I am back to looking after my kids, working, and most importantly, sleeping! I had not been able to see a way out, but praise God for He redeems us from every situation. He is so good!

Sara Sadlier | New Zealand