Praise Report: Migraine Gone After Partaking of Communion

When I started listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons, it was the first time I heard of the holy Communion being taken to receive healing. Since then, my husband and I have been partaking of it regularly, and I have seen healing in my hormone production and sinuses.

One day, I was suddenly hit with an ocular migraine. I started experiencing pulsating auras and seeing squiggly lines, accompanied by tightness in my lower scalp and neck. It was startling, and I could sense fear and panic rising inside me.

I called my husband at work and we prayed together. I told my husband I was going to have Communion and declared that I was not receiving this migraine and was going to go about my day as usual. After that, I prayed in the Spirit as I got the Communion elements ready. I partook of the bread and with tears, thanked the Lord that His body was broken so that mine is made whole.

As I spoke of Jesus’ broken body, the squiggly lines diminished to a small dot. By the time I finished partaking of the Communion, it was entirely gone! Ten minutes later, the muscles in my neck were completely relaxed.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your Word. It is alive! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your relentless passion to teach the true gospel of grace!

Lia Reitzloff | Michigan, United States

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