Praise Report: A Healing Touch Of His Presence

I started listening to Pastor Prince’s messages In January 2010. I was very blessed by the good news so I bought many sermon CDs and DVDs online. I also bought New Creation Church’s worship albums such as A Touch Of His Presence, You Alone I Praise and I See Grace. I also read Pastor Prince’s book Destined To Reign daily. All these strengthened my faith a lot and my life was changed.I am 62 years old. Whenever the devil tries to attack me with symptoms of diseases, I would listen to the worship albums and worship Jesus, my Lord, my Saviour and my Redeemer. I would also often partake of the Holy Communion while listening to the worship songs. After a few minutes, all the symptoms would disappear!

After experiencing these miracles, I began to take the worship songs to the aged home that I work in. At this home, there would be elderly who would cry the whole night. No medicine could help them and one could hear them crying from 8pm to 6am. I work the night shift so one night in May 2010, I put the CD player at the corridor of the elderly’s rooms and played the CD, A Touch Of His Presence. That night, no elderly cried. They were all quiet and could sleep peacefully.

There is also a lady at the home who is suffering from schizophrenia. One night, she kept speaking loudly to herself. Her neighbour, a lady with dementia, was singing shrilly. I took my iPod and played the songs from A Touch Of His Presence to them. After three minutes, both women fell into deep sleep. My two colleagues who were with me were astonished by what they had witnessed and they asked to have a CD player in the women’s room, so both ladies can listen to the worship songs. Till now, the elderly no longer cry themselves to sleep at night.

As for me, I have been listening to the worship songs in my iPod during my break at work and every time, the glory of God would come to the aged home and bless the old people. All praises to Jesus!

Emma | Germany 


  • mariellen says:

    I want to have that worship music! Thank you!

  • usifo o joseph says:

    Wow, glory to God, these no one like Him!

  • Augar Mensah says:

    I pray the good Lord heals me too

  • Wesley Ekpekurede says:

    Awesome testimony. Love to have those inspired worship songs too.


    Glory be to God in the highest.
    Please how can I get this CD.
    I also need healing too and I believe in the power of praise.

  • Prakash G. Bankar says:

    Praise the Lord, I am requesting you to pray pray for me,my youth groups members,who are giving him life to Jesus fellowship.
    After 15 years now they understand to Jesus.
    Please Pray for us,for get Holy Sprit of Jesus in our life.
    I am really very thankful to Jesus for his Blessing.

  • i want the cd pliz says:

    i want the cd pliz

  • Anastacia Maliele says:

    Praise to Almighty God.

    I greet you in the beautiful Name of OUR LORD JESUS my pastor,
    I would like to thank God for giving me opportunity to know you. I always thank God for your posts. I would like to tell you that I grow spiritually every day. After reading about powerful prayers, my son of four years was having problem of noes bleeding, then I decided to put powerful prayers I prayed for him with the faith that he will be healed, now I’m telling you pastor my son is healed, nose bleeding has stopped, May God continue to bless you abundantly my pastor.

  • DENNIS says:

    If you want the CD, buy here in JP website: Got Part 2 as well (black color).

    Be blessed.

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