Praise Report: Freed From Mental Oppression

In my last year of high school, I went to a church where I heard preaching on the blessings and curses that came with obeying and not obeying God. The blessings and curses were taken from Deuteronomy 28 and the sermon was given during the collection of offerings. As I heard the sermon, I felt as if I should give as an offering my brand new cell phone that my brother had bought for me. However, I was reluctant to and ended up not giving it.

But from that day on, I lost my rest and constantly felt condemned.

To appease my guilt, I started giving my things away. But the more I gave, the more I felt pressured to give even more. I also began to feel the need to pray for people, but with this need came the need to also fast. I felt that if I did not fast, my prayers would amount to nothing and the person I was praying for would die.

This went on for a year, till the end of my first year in university. Then, I stumbled upon the passage of Scripture that talked about the “unpardonable sin.” Almost immediately, I had my first vulgar thought against the Holy Ghost. From there, it was a downward spiral into mental oppression. I was constantly asking for forgiveness and praying the sinner’s prayer because I would feel like I had lost my salvation. I needed to keep praying to keep getting my slate clean again. In the end, I was put on medication and had to drop out of university.

It was not long after that that my mom introduced me to Pastor Prince’s broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Every word he said melted my heart and calmed my confused and depressed mind. I started to realize that all those demanding thoughts were not from God and I started to believe that there was no condemnation for me in Christ Jesus. Later, when Pastor Prince shared how he too went through a similar experience, I felt the Lord comfort, liberate, and inspire me through his words.

Little by little, the mental oppression faded until I finally got off the medication.

Today, I stand totally free from that oppression. I live knowing that God delights in giving to me and not demanding from me. I love life and believe that I too like you will change lives by preaching this true gospel. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing your story and changing my life with the gospel. I now enjoy reading the Word because all I see in the Word now is the goodness of God and His love for me. I love Jesus because He first loved me. Life can only get better.

Lebo | South Africa


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