Praise Report: Delivered from Constant Pain

Some time ago, I had constant pain on the right side of my chest, just under my right my arm-pit. Every time I sat down, I had to lean to the left. I had trouble lying down in bed and had to sleep on my left side. One time at work, I picked something up and the pain was acute. But I continued with my routines as best as I could. My dear wife, Sarah, also laid hands and prayed for me.Pastor Prince, I have been watching you for years, and I know through the message of grace that Jesus loves me beyond measure. So when this pain affected me, I spoke out against it numerous times a day.

The evil one put thoughts in my mind that the pain could be something serious like cancer, but I continued to speak out many times that this cannot be. I would declare, “I do not receive that! I am healed. Jesus bore the stripes for my healing!”

This battle went on for three weeks. One morning, I woke up and discovered there was very little pain left. By the next day, it was completely gone! I felt so refreshed. All praise to Jesus, our loving Lord and Savior!

Bennie Elliot | Indiana, United States

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