Praise Report: Delivered From Conception Complications, Healthy Baby Born

In 2012, my husband and I were listening to Pastor Prince’s CD album, Unveiling Jesus, in our car on the way to work. In that CD, Pastor Prince had said that there was someone listening to his sermon who was believing the Lord for a baby.
We accepted the word for ourselves as we were hoping and praying for a second baby.

Our problem was that I had only one fallopian tube as one was removed in 2010 due to an ectopic pregnancy. To make things worse, the one I had left turned out to be blocked.

My doctor said that the stump left over by the tube that was removed had been collecting water. This would cause a miscarriage if I ever got pregnant.

Because of all these complications, my doctor advised that the only option was for us to have a baby via in vitro fertilization (IVF). But my husband and I were both not keen on it.

Believing that Jesus would surely remove the block in the tube and give us a baby normally, I insisted on getting the water-filled stump removed so that I would not have to worry about it when I did get pregnant.

But before I could get it removed, my doctor discovered that there was no water-filled stump anymore during my laparoscopy session.

There was also no blockage in my remaining tube!

She told me to go ahead and try for a normal pregnancy and sure enough, four months later, I conceived and went on to deliver a healthy baby boy in November 2013!

This has greatly strengthened and increased our faith in the Lord and we see Him working in our lives daily in ways that are beyond what we hoped for.

I thank the Lord for Pastor Prince and his revolutionizing ministry. I pray that his preaching continues to change many lives and everyone sees, accepts, and experiences what a wonderful and loving Savior we have.

Our Lord Jesus is willing to take care of even the tiniest matters that worry us. God bless!

Bessy Varghese | Kuwait

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