Praise Report: Baby daughter sleeping well without nightmares after prayer

For two years, my daughter had not been sleeping for more than four hours each night. As a result, my husband and I also did not sleep well. Our daughter would wake up in fear, and would cry and cling to us throughout the night, affecting all our family members.

A few months ago, I asked the leaders of New Creation Church to pray for me and my family regarding our sleep. We also anointed our daughter and partook of the Holy Communion together as a family.

We started to see an improvement and managed to get five to six hours of sleep. Though grateful, we continued to declare the word of God over ourselves and kept on hearing Pastor Prince’s sermons on grace.

One Sunday, Pastor Prince called out to a group of people who could not sleep well for a long time and prayed over them. Thereafter, our daughter was able to sleep well for a few days before her nightmares returned again.

The next Sunday, 26 July, God spoke through Pastor Prince once more! And this time round, Pastor Prince addressed and prayed for a lady whose child was suffering from nightmares! I received the prayer for my daughter.

Since that day, my daughter has been sleeping peacefully every night! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your powerful words from our loving Father!

Cathrin Slaats | Canada

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