Praise Report: Lost Wallet Recovered With Cash And Contents Intact

Two days before Chinese New Year, my husband and I were having dinner at a busy coffee shop located at Dover Road.

After dinner, we decided to buy some stuff at a shopping mall near our house. When we arrived at the mall, my husband realized that his wallet was not in his pocket. He thought that it was in his car so he went back to search but to his dismay, the wallet was not there. So he decided to drive all the way back to Dover Road but by then, it was about an hour since we’d left the coffee shop.

I decided not to go with him as I thought that it would be too stressful for both of us to travel together and we might end up quarrelling. So I walked around aimlessly in the mall and started praying in tongues and focusing on Jesus and His grace. I asked the Lord to have someone nice find my husband’s wallet and to have not a single item missing. However, my natural mind was struggling with little faith and I was thinking that it would be impossible to find the wallet in the crowded coffee shop.

As those thoughts were running through my mind, my husband called and told me that one of the stallholders at the coffee shop found his wallet and kept it for him. Nothing was missing—all the money and his client’s check were intact!

This is a simple testimony but it demonstrates God’s grace even in our carelessness. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your faithfulness in teaching us about the gospel of grace. We are full of thankfulness toward Jesus, our supply and rest. Above all, as King David said, “Surely God’s goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life.” Amen!

Phyllis Heng | Singapore

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