Praise Report: Back pain gone

Last Wednesday, 25 August, I developed a severe back pain after long hours of baking. My back would hurt whenever I stood up or walked. It felt as though something was misaligned in my back and I could not sleep well for days. I tried applying analgesic creams and heat patches to relieve the pain, but it did little to help.

The pain persisted until Sunday. That day, I tuned in to New Creation Church Online and heard Pastor Prince pray for someone who is having a stiff back that affected his or her mobility.

Immediately, I told my husband that Pastor Prince was praying for me and we claimed the healing for myself. When Pastor Prince asked us to bend our backs, I did as he asked and even moved my waist to the sides—something which I could not do due to the pain. That was when I realised that I have been completely healed! Praise the name of Jesus!

Anonymous | Singapore

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