Magnify The Lord

Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.

Psalm 34:3

When we give thanks to the Lord—when we praise and worship Him—we are magnifying Him (Psalm 34:3). Why is this important?

It’s because often, when we are beset by challenges, we tend to dwell on them so much until they grow into huge, hairy monsters in our minds! We give them so much weight that we forget that the Lord is far bigger than all the problems in the universe put together.

That’s why we need to magnify the Lord (make Him big in our consciousness) instead. As we give weight to His presence and His love for us, our mountains become small. As we give weight to His power to dissolve problems and obstacles in our lives, what those problems and obstacles can do to us become insignificant in the light of what the Lord can and will do for us!

So beloved, if you have a sickness, magnify the Lord your healer. If you are suffering financial lack, magnify the Lord your provider. Whatever fears you have of your mountains will dissolve in His presence, and you’ll find His divine wisdom, strength and grace to overcome them supernaturally!

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