Praise Report: Freed From Self-Condemnation, No Longer Living A Destructive Lifestyle

Before I learned about the gospel of grace, I lived among the homeless and indulged in consuming alcohol and marijuana. I got into a lot of trouble and even went to prison.

I felt as if the whole world was against me.

Because I felt life held no meaning for me, I attempted suicide and ended up in a mental hospital. I was prescribed medication but they didn’t help me.

After I was discharged, my aunt brought me to see a counselor, Connie, who had been impacted by Pastor Prince’s teachings. During our regular appointments, Connie would tell me how much Jesus loved and cared for me. She also shared about the Lord’s grace and truth, which reminded me of a movie about Jesus I’d watched and Sunday school songs I’d learned as a child.

Hearing about the Lord’s goodness, kindness, and mercy toward me brought peace, joy, and harmony into my heart.

Now, I desire to live gloriously for the Lord instead of returning to my old ways. I enjoy reading the Bible. I also listen to Pastor Prince’s messages daily and have already read three of his books.

The Lord has become my bread of life. His Word has brought healing to my body and soul. I no longer require medication and I’ve been freed from constant self-condemnation. I’ve also stopped trying to earn God’s approval and blessings and have found real rest as a result.

It’s like sitting for an examination with the answers provided for me.

I can simply trust in and rely on Him as He’s got everything in life figured out and provided for me.

I am forever grateful to the Lord for finding a lost sheep like me. Till today, I can’t fully describe just how much His grace has impacted my life. The gospel is so wonderful—it is the good news I’d been longing to hear. I pray that every church will preach the gospel so the world will get to know the grace of God like I have.

Cam Luu | Australia


  • Botshelo Macha says:

    Pray with me I need God’s healing over my body. Thank you

  • savious says:

    l believe as law was the essence of Christianity back in the old testament….Grace is our focus here in the New testament….Rom 5:2 By whom we ve access by faith into His grace wherein we stand; and rejoice for hope of the glory of GOD…THANK YOU FOR YOUR TESTIMONY

  • Karl R. says:

    This is very encouraging, I read a lot of books, also the ones from joseph prince, still not out of self-condemption, its so deeply routed in my heart, my negative self-image and the negative self-projection to God/Jesus does not get pass away, I think I need a special god encounter to get rid of it. I am blessed with a lot of things, but I am not free,Please pray for me, thanks

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