Praise Report: Set free from severe mental oppression

I got born again about ten years ago, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. For many days and weeks after receiving the Lord, I had unshakable peace and a joy I had never felt or known before. A weight had been lifted off me. I would read my Bible every day with my family and rejoice in God’s Word.

However, I did not understand many Bible passages, and there were times I would read something and feel condemned. I also frequently watched television preachers, but many of the messages left me feeling guilty and insecure about my salvation.

Not long after, I started experiencing severe mental oppression. My thoughts told me I would end up like Judas and that I wasn’t really accepted by God. I also thought I had committed the unpardonable sin. I had continuous and uncontrollable blasphemous thoughts about God, and I was certain I was going to hell. I was so afraid I couldn’t even say Jesus’ name aloud. The only time I wasn’t afraid was when I was asleep. I thought I had lost my mind.

But all that began to change the day I heard Pastor Prince preach on television and share how he had gone through the same ordeal. He shared how he had also been tormented by blasphemous thoughts about God, and I knew my freedom was in his message. I learned about the true gospel of grace and righteousness through Jesus’ finished work and began to be set free from the oppressive mental thoughts.

Today I can boldly declare with joy that I no longer have those tormenting thoughts. I am assured of my salvation in Christ and enjoy a blessed relationship with God. I have also come to understand the Bible better because of Pastor Prince’s amazing teachings, including those on how to correctly interpret the Bible. I thank God for Pastor Prince and his blessed ministry.

A sister from Australia