Praise Report: Received New Job with More Salary and Benefits

A couple of years ago, I received a furlough letter from my employer. I was in shock as I did not see it coming. I wasn’t sure how I would survive financially, but I knew I’d saved enough to last me close to a year. I was on furlough for four months. During that difficult time, I prayed that God would provide for me and keep my heart steady.

Four months later, I received a call from my employer that I could return to work. I was excited but was then told my salary would be cut drastically. I told my employer I needed time to think about it. I asked the Lord for wisdom, direction, and that any decision I made would be out of wisdom and not emotions.

At a meeting with my boss to discuss my salary, I learned that with my new salary I would be barely making a living. As my boss and vice president were talking, I asked the Lord what I should do as they needed an answer in that meeting. Calmly, I boldly told them I would be resigning. It was sudden, but it felt right. I sent in my resignation that day.

I was scared, but I took things day by day. I applied to many positions, was rejected by several companies, and had plenty of interviews, but I ended up as the second option for all of them. I asked the Lord to give me a position that was just for me. I didn’t want to keep applying to random jobs out of desperation. I was unemployed for an entire year.

In the early stages of that journey, I had moments of frustration because either I couldn’t get a job, or I was so close to getting one only for the company to tell me they found a better candidate. I continued to pray and held on in faith that the Lord had something greater and bigger than I could ever imagine in store for me.

During that year, the Lord blessed me with so many opportunities! One day, my alma mater reached out to ask if I was interested to be in an alumni video focused on fundraising for the university. I don’t know how they found me and obtained my contact information, but I happily accepted the opportunity. I was later also invited to be a part of an alumni podcast and within that same month, I was asked to write for the alumni blog. I was so excited!

A few months later, I was nominated and awarded the Gold Alumni Award—an award for alumnus who have demonstrated good works in the community while representing the university’s mission and values. I later found out there was only one Gold Alumni Award given each time. I thanked the Lord for all these bountiful blessings as I would never have had these opportunities without Him! But the blessings didn’t stop there.

On a whim, I applied for another job not thinking much about it. I didn’t receive a response and forgot about it. Weeks later, I received an email reply stating that the vice president of the organization wanted to schedule a first round of interview with me. I went for the interview and after just five minutes, I was invited for a second interview. I have never had that happen to me before!

Within that week, I completed three rounds of interviews and was offered the position. The salary and benefits offered were double that of my previous job! The position also involved me working closely with the president and vice president of the organization.

When I look back on the year, I truly relate to the story of Joseph in the Bible. Joseph was in prison for a long time before he interpreted the pharaoh’s dream and later worked closely with him.

During my year of unemployment, I was brought closer to my Abba Father and received His unconditional love for me. I listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons in the morning, read devotionals, and read his book Give Me This Mountain. I learned that I can possess my possessions like Caleb and Joshua. On top of all of this, I was able to pay my rent and bills with my unemployment benefits and did not have to rely on my savings. God provides in so many ways!

My year has truly been the year of hazon vision. I will never forget the sermon Pastor Prince preached at the beginning of 2021 about writing down our visions. I recently looked back on what I wrote in my journal during the time I was struggling worried about my finances, and I had written that I wanted a position that was meant for me. I also did what Pastor Prince said during that sermon—to ask the Lord for what He’s telling me and to write it down. It’s hard to believe that so many of the hazon visions I wrote down in the beginning of 2021 have come to pass!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings!

Anonymous | New York, United States