Praise Report: Pain in Tailbone Gone after Listening to Sermon

One day, I was listening to an older sermon by Pastor Prince titled, The Friend You Can Always Depend On. The moment he spoke healing to back conditions, I felt a warmth on my lower back.

I had an accident a few years back where my tailbone was broken. Though the bone mended, the surrounding tissues continued to inflict pain. Pastor Prince specifically called out “tailbone” and I felt a warmth cover me and remove the pain.

It was truly amazing how God’s grace and healing transcend time, space, and distance. Amen!

Anonymous | Singapore

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  • Esther M. says:

    I listen to Pastor Joseph Prince preaching every day because he blesses my soul, me and my 2 sons more than we can imagine. I went thru trauma after a bad terror attach at work in Jan 2019 and I found alot of solace, peace and healing thru his videos. I overcame fear and trauma. God continue to bless your work. I would love to listed to full messages thru his DVDs. Esther M.

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