Praise Report: No More Mosquitoes Inside House After Applying Anointing Oil

I have been greatly impacted by the gospel of grace since 2011. I came to Singapore for my higher studies a few years ago and was worshiping at New Creation Church until early 2020 when I returned to India. I brought along the anointing oil that Pastor Prince had prayed over in one church service when I returned home.

With the monsoon season affecting India for many months, there were a lot of mosquitoes swarming around my area to the point that I had to use a mosquito net around my bed at night. I remembered the testimony where Pastor Prince shared how he drew a line using anointing oil when bees were troubling his young daughter.

I kept proclaiming in Jesus’ name that no mosquito could enter my house. I took the anointing oil and drew a line around the four corners of my house. Nothing happened for the first night. After being prompted by the Spirit to not give up, I did the same for about a week.

One fine day, I noticed there were swarms of mosquitos outside my house but not one of them came inside.

Praise God for His great love toward us and the authority we have in the name of Jesus.

Noel Kanaparthi | India