Praise Report: Hips Healed, Family Blessed after Watching Grace Broadcast

Thank you, Joseph Prince, for following our Father’s leading and being bold to teach about His grace! I have been watching you on television for at least ten years. It began when I started an exercise regime to help with my hip problems. When I turned on the TV to exercise, I found your broadcast program.I told people that you’re my workout buddy because after I’d found you and your teachings on grace, not only are my hips healed, but my marriage is also strong and my children are walking in the Lord’s grace as they too follow your ministry.

My husband and I have no fear of sickness or poverty because of God’s promises that you have taught and brought to light. We stand on Psalm 91. We have also given numerous copies of the Holy Communion book you have written to people we know who are suffering illnesses.

My life is so much richer in peace, joy, and purpose because I am under no condemnation. Thank you again for your ministry. I pray for you, your family, and your ministry.

Anonymous | Washington, United States

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