Praise Report: Growths in Body Disappeared

On January 19, 2024, I went for my usual annual gynae check-up. During the ultrasound, my doctor detected two new growths that were not there in my previous check-up. Alarmingly, there were shadows in both of them. She immediately ordered a tumor marker test to check if they were benign or malignant.

I was concerned and prayed, telling the Lord that I hated doing operations because I did not like to stay in the hospital. I was also concerned about the financial impact and the caregiving arrangements for my son when I was away. I even made arrangements to meet my insurance agent to check on my hospitalization plan.

On Sunday, January 28, 2024, before the start of the sermon, Pastor Prince prayed for someone who had been to the doctor and diagnosed with a tumor. I was not sure who he was referring to and did not think God was talking about me. However, he went on to mention that when gifts of healing are flowing, they will overflow. He also declared that God wants to heal those with tumours and asked them to go back to the doctor and find them no more! I received the healing in my heart and thanked the Lord.

Two days later, I went back to the doctor for another scan. The two growths were completely gone! The doctor was surprised and told me that she had double-checked to make sure she did not see it wrongly. She mentioned some vague theories as to why they might have vanished and did not seem very convinced herself. So, I told her I had prayed, and she smiled, saying she had been worried but was very
happy that they were gone.

This miracle felt like a wink from heaven, showing me how much Jesus loves me and cares about what I was going through. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your faithfulness in sharing God’s Word.

A sister from Singapore